Financing & Warranty

It's for everyone

It used to be the United States was one of the best places to go solar—IF you were rich enough. Mountain State makes sure that’s no longer the case! We make the solar switch affordable, and when the sun does hit your roof, you save.

In fact, what sets Mountain State apart from other solar providers is our financing process. We ensure you get the best possible energy for the best possible price. Apricot designs a solution specifically for your home, customized to you and your family’s needs. And the best part? You get a return on your investment—with no upfront, extra or increasing costs.

Our cost for installation is little to $0 down, and you get solar panels on your roof with a new reduced electric rate

We have relationships with every major solar finance and lease program available to give you the best possible pricing

Interest rates are as low as 0%

Flexible loan terms range from 5 – 30 years

NO HIDDEN FEES or pre-payment penalties

Warranty Overview

25-year System Warranty

We offer a 25 year system warranty and production guarantee.

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